Dex Dexign Studio | Empowering the Bold
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Empowering the Bold

typography logo fortune favors the bold


Empowering the bold is a Dex Dexign initiative to be of assistance to anyone how is bold enough to pursue his/her dreams. To help all of those creatives, makers, entrepreneurs, hustlers, artist, etc; so they don’t have to travel the road alone, unless they want to.


Besides offering a full slate of creative services Dex Dexign helps those bold people by offering free design & software classes so you are able to create your own brand image and content to deliver a stronger visual impact. Also, free one-on-one couching is offered once a month where I use all my expertise to guide you thru the process of creating your brand, your concept and focus on your personal history so you stand out from the crowd. Just follow me on social media so I can keep you posted about these events.


This is not all I do to help out tough. I offer discounts on my creative services to select hand picked projects, to make money not an issue to get you started. I’m also always open to help you problem solving, by using my knowledge and even using my connections to match you with the right person to help when I don’t have the answers. Best thing is that at any moment, Dex Dexign is always an email away.


So what are you waiting for? Be bold and create something; Dex Dexign has your back.


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Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

-T. Roosevelt.