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Dex Black Designer Photo

Dex Black / Chief Designer

Hi! My name is Dex, and I’m a multi-cultural designer who never talk about myself in third person. I love to travel, I love music and I love well designed stuff. I believe in a world full of people passionate about what they do. I believe in makers, doers and dreamers. That’s why I want to hear their stories, I want to share their hustle. I dream of a beautifully designed world.

I’m here to use my talent to help you craft your brand and make the world notice you with bold unapologetic aesthetics and a whole slate of creative services to empower the bold.

Dex  Dexign Studio: Design, Illustration, Photography & more.

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About Dex Dexign Studio

Stablished in 2013, proudly in Chicago Dex Dexign studio aims to serve all the local creatives, entrepreneurs and small business in any way possible. From simple advice, software classes offered in local spaces to full service design services, it’s the studio’s mission to empower all of those bold enough to stand out, to break the norm, to ask for more; hopefully to help them achieve their dreams.

Dex Dexign Studio core values:

  • No cookie-cutter, no “one size fits all”
  • Researching and understanding each project identity and market
  • Less is more
  • Never follow the trends. Trends fade away.
  • “Fortune favors the bold”

What Dex Dexign Studio Does Best

Hand drawn media, Adobe suit and styling comes naturally for me. Photography is a slowly developed side passion. Branding, strategy and the over all design process and research were the true gifts college gave me. But the inspiration comes from the passion people have for their projects.

However, I can’t claim to be the best or know it all, but I’m always learning, and I always know where to find the answer (no, I don’t mean google).

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Since January

Dex Dexign Studio will use any means necessary to exceed your expectations. At the end, a big smile on your face is the best reward (but cash is great too!).